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Even, perhaps especially, the outwardly homophobic male has gay fantasies. . Like Dorie, many women use fantasy to help get them in the mood for sex. Me and my girlfriend once went clothes' shopping at a unisex store and while trying out the clothes we started to kiss each other passionately. Instead, I use the fantasy to add a new, exhilarating dimension to the sex thats happening right here and now with my husband. Alfred Kinsey

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was among the first to show that were all on a bisexual continuum with absolute heterosexuals on one end and absolute homosexuals on the other end. . Partner fantasies make up the last large group: that is, sex with just one particular partner. She said, Its a hands-off thing where Im not in control of the sex. The Garden of Desires respondents cover a wide range of voyeuristic fantasies, from having sex in the middle of a crowded nightclub, watching others have sex from a hidden spot, or engaging in sex acts while the neighbours watch. They can be crude or romantic, marvelous or dangerous.

"I find the urgency of making out in a public place makes me climax like never before. When one partner wants to have sex more frequently than the other, fantasy can help boost the sexual appetite of the less interested partner. Because sex is a natural activity, it makes sense that many women turn to images from nature to embellish and highlight sexual activities. But because its a secret sexual fantasy, you might imagine something different than the usual. .  Masters Johnson reported that heterosexuals often fantasize about homosexual encounters and vice versa, more often reflecting curiosity and other impulses than the desire to change the gender of ones real-life lovers. .

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Instead of thinking about what we need at the grocery store or how Im going to juggle tomorrows day care and carpool arrangements, I switch on a fantasy where its just my husband and me in a hotel room, with no children in sight, explained. Sex fantasies are a healthy - and essential - part of a satisfying sex life. with the right person (the Perfect Lover be aroused by either gender. .  You might imagine a divine threesome with you, your lawfully wedded spouse and the all-embracing presence of God or the Goddess. . If for no other reason than constant proximity, these images often come through interactions with family: your mothers lingerie hanging on the clothesline, your father spanking you, catching your sister naked in the bathroom, your brother wrestling you to the ground. D/s fantasies may involve sadomasochism (S/M bondage and discipline (B/D an imagined abduction, a fantasy rape, spanking, whipping, tickling, torture, teasing, body worship and a host of other activities that may or may not entail actual sexual intercourse. Just because you fantasize about having sex with someone of your gender doesnt mean you ought to. . I figured that if my husband was gone, and I was staying out until four in the morning, there wasnt going to be a marriage for him to come home.

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A woman who finds her sense of smell to be especially arousing, for instance, thinks of her vagina as having a fresh, floral scent in her olfactory fantasies. Function #7: relieving stress AND tension After an especially demanding workday, Barb reaches for fantasy instead of a glass of wine or the television remote control: I often come home with a lot on my mind. I base my observations on my own professional and personal experience, which I believe is as good a study on fantasy as any. The erotic theater of the mind is a place for you to play. . Im ready for him, and we rock together until I climax again. Another, who used to fear her husbands penis, now thinks of it as her pleasure toy. This is one of the most common uses of fantasy among women. She imagines biting and pulling the hair of a faceless stranger. I can tell he likes what he sees.